Welcome to Wildwood Insectarium!

Wildwood's only all-bug museum!
Welcome to the Wildwood Insectarium! A branch of the original Philadelphia Insectarium, the largest insect museum in the nation! We have thousands of live and mounted insects, tons of interactive displays, fun stuff for kids, and a whole lot more!

Since 1992 the Insectarium have been educating adults and children alike about the fascinating

world of arthropods. Hundreds of thousands of kids have toured our Philadelphia's three floors of museum space, seen countless creepy-crawlies, played in our man-made spider web, and had a great time while learning all about insects in a way that is fun and exciting to their active minds.  Now the Insectarium is here in beautiful Wildwood.

It's an insect's world
Scientists estimate that for every one person on earth, there are at least 200 million insects crawling around! And as we explore deeper into the oceans and rainforests of our planet, we continue to find new and stranger species of arthropods everywhere we look. The Insectarium is the only museum in America solely devoted to the curation, study, and display of these fascinating creatures.

Come visit us!
Now your kids can learn about the world of insects while vacationing in Wildwood — please call our museum staff at 609-488-6939 to book a tour, travel show, or birthday party for your group. Or, if your group is just a few, come to our museum any time between 10:00 AM and 11:00 PM, Monday through Sunday for a walk-in tour.

You'll love it!
Whether you are a kid or a grown-up, a bug lover or an arachnophobe, you're guaranteed to have a fun-filled learning experience at Wildwood's only all-bug museum - The Insectarium!

Live Scorpions!

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